transformation through painting

Painting In, Flowing Out

Riding the Wave of Intuition and Creativity

After five years of writing, editing, and more editing, the book is ready for you!!!

What is it about?

Many books have been written about creativity and how it works, with emphasis on the steps to becoming more creative. Many books have been written specifically about painting, including information on exercises and use of materials designed to make one more competent in front of the canvas or paper, teaching the "how-to" of watercolor, oils, or drawing. You won't find a set of those how-to-create instructions here. Instead, I will share some of my own experiences which illustrate how an emphasis on product or meaning limits flow, and can be replaced with a spontaneous and authentic connection to the creative juices within each of us, as we step into the realms of self-exploration and discovery.

It is about the act of putting paint on paper as a medium for insight and awareness. I admit that the most juicy, spontaneous insights happen during the process of painting, and that it is possible your life may change as a result of using paint, paper, and brushes in this way.

Here are some questions to be addressed in this book:

Who is it for?

Creative and apparently non-creative people, those who want to awaken aliveness in their lives, wanting to live from intuition, and those who are transitioning and looking for the next step. Creativity can help.

Who recommends it?

"In this book, Debbie explores beautifully the astonishing connection between creativity and spirit, between painting for process and meditation. A seeker herself, she uses her life experience to guide the reader to discover the infi nite connection between painting for process and the exploration of spirit. In this book, she shares her work with passion, taking her readers on a journey of multiple discoveries into the mysterious power of creativity."

Michele Cassou, author of Point Zero: Creativity Without Limits

How can I purchase it?

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