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Experience Process Painting

We enter a room full of color, paint pots on a table, smooth white paper on the wall, and brushes of all sizes, waiting to be handled. We find our spot, in front of the paper. We start with our innocence, picking a color and seeing where it leads, with no agenda or meaning, just the relationship between ourselves, the paint, paper, images, and the others painting quietly in the room.

Comments on the quality of the painting are not permitted, giving us freedom to explore. This creates a sacred and safe place for our creativity to blossom. It's a personal space perfect for seeing how the energy leads us. A facilitator moves around the room, and when needed, uses a method of inquiry to see how we have stopped ourselves through judgment or fear. Inquiry helps us notice how we hold back from full expression with questions or doubt.

We move beyond our fears to let creativity come through again. Creative blocks are released and freedom and spontaneity return. We allow ourselves to play in the mystery again.We find we're not that different from everyone else. We all have the same ways of keeping ourselves stuck. The community of painters supports our process. It is rewarding to see others take risks. It allows us to jump in and choose our creative freedom too.

As we continue to explore, we become fascinated in the truth that comes from pure expression. We come to life again. We learn to trust intuition, that aliveness that is moving our life forward, even if we don't know the destination. Painting for process becomes a spiritual practice. Awakening to the present moment heals and nourishes our spirits. Creativity shows us it's less about the outcome, and more about the journey of finding that inner voice, that is both personal and universal. Deep contact with that true voice inside keeps us returning, keeps us longing to come home to the flow of creativity, the power of painting from intuition.

Process Painting Format

We meet in either weekly painting classes or 2 ½ -7 day painting workshops/retreats. There is a talk and discussion before and after each paint period. Creativity and its nature are discussed as well as ways to get beyond the creative blocks.

As we take risks to express ourselves, no comments, judgments or critiques are allowed. A mutual support is engendered. Group cohesiveness is formed as we enter into the sacredness of the creative moment. We find that we are very similar in unique ways. There is a lot of play around the paint table, and laughter is often heard. A strong bond naturally occurs. We find a communion in the heart of the painters community.

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Process Painting Video


Process Painting Video



Debbie Purdy


Debbie Purdy


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