transformation through painting

Why Process Painting?

Creativity is a natural inborn gift that leads us into a deeper connection with ourselves and our true nature. Through authentic expression and exploration, we discover the beauty of our own place in the creative wonder that we call life. After years of social conditioning and listening to inner critical voices, we long to taste the freedom of joyous creative expression. It carries us home, back to ourselves.

Why Painting from Intuition?

When we paint for process, we agree with creativity to relinquish the normal sets of controls and standards. We are no longer restricted by outside judgments or conditions. Product, control and meaning are ineffective playmates in the land of pure creativity. When the creative urge takes over, time melts, thinking quiets, and we become fully merged and engaged in the action. The one response we have in the moment, even if we are unsure it's the right one, arises. The taste of freedom is felt inside.

We drop our confining and conforming thinking and habits. Little by little the painting appears, and we are not the author, editor, or the interpreter, just the conduit. What do we get out of this process of true expression?

When we paint, we say that no mark on the paper is too small or meaningless, if coming from the heart.

Who is Creative Expression For?

Creativity is for everyone! No skill or technical knowledge is required. It is for those who:


Debbie Purdy


Debbie Purdy


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