transformation through painting

Synecdoche, the film

Lots more time to watch movies these days,
as part of my new education of a
less than scheduled life.
One that we looked at this past weekend was Synecdoche. It is long, somewhat depressing and amazing.
It is written and directed by the guy who did the
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind movie a few years ago.A play director has a messy life. He’s having trouble with his hypochondria, anxiety and his relationships.
Then he gets a grant to do a play.
With complete selfindulgence, he takes on his own life, finding actors to play all the roles, and creating sets that replicate the moments of his life. By the end we are lfet wondering what’s the reality and what’s the play.
I love the loss of edges between play and life as a play.
We are seeing that when we paint.
A piece of our world comes forward,
and then we see it’s really a small piece of something,
not scary, sad, dull or meaningless,
just magic, part of the networked pattern of everything.

It is enough.

Debbie Purdy


Creative Wings Studio