transformation through painting

An unasked for question

Last time I wrote to you, I asked what question you would ask yourself to open
to your freedom. In retrospect, I realize I
edited my own first question. It seemed too
strange and too made up to me. It came
back later that night.
The question that came had to do with the feeling of spaciousness.
It was”If you could be boundaryless, what would you paint/live?”I realize that, as a former art therapist/psychotherapist,
I had been good at setting boundaries,
self-protecting, gentle, yet firm.
I had friends whose boundaries weren’t so good and some who’s were crispy and abrupt.
When coming from Point Zero, in the
moment, do we need to protect something, be consistent about edges of something
that is constantly changing and fluid?
So, this week is an experiment in watching how I protect myself, when is it
unnecessary, when does it send me
something I was unprepared for, but is
quite helpful, and engaging, or disturbing.
We can talk about this, if anyone is curious. Love, Deb

Debbie Purdy


Creative Wings Studio