transformation through painting

Empty Space

Here I am, seemingly in empty space, between classes, scheduled events, busy life, gone to quiet, yoga, mediation, painting, hummingbirds(not the least of it). In these times, and they come, intermittently, i wonder what is holding up my life. I often think of my life as activity, so really notice when I’m being asked to be not do. My friend is pointing to my impulsive nature, stepping into things, when I really don’t know. I am taking this in, maybe taking it personally, which really isn’t helpful. I painted yesterday, and noticed how I stepped in too soon, not listening to what was really calling me first. Today, I looked at my painting and said to myself, “Well, you really screwed that one up!” But had I? My mind ran right for doubt, just after it ran for completion. So many ways to distract from the discomfort of not knowing. So, I am about to enter the studio, again, this time with more openness to do one thing next. I know what it is , white lines, and , dang it, that’s all I know. Someone must see the whole of the painting finished, but it’s not me.

“I can’t go on. I go on.” Samuel Beckett

Debbie Purdy


Creative Wings Studio