transformation through painting

Passion or Presence

So, one thing I really love about my husband is his intuitive higher thinking mind. He writes papers like we paint paintings. at Lunch, he was sharing his newest paper, about how passion is on the surface, and trust of life is beneath. Passion reuires the fluctuation of energy, while trust allows the flow of energy to constantly move, yet without the charge. I have been asking myself if it’s okay not to feel strong passion, anymore, but a sense of presence and peace. Maybe, it’s part of aging. Anyone else feeling it that way. We were trying to discern what creatives activation then, and how do we sense it. Is it like walking through one door instead of the other, or falling a little this way or that? Sometimes, there’s just an okay knowing for me now. I don’t seem to have the strong passion. I can say there is a restlessness. When I feel that, it’s usually the wanting of the will that is calling , not so much the presence. if I allow myself a deeper experiencing, I go back to the moment. Feel free to share through the websites e-mail. love to hear from you.

Debbie Purdy


Creative Wings Studio