transformation through painting

Good to the Last Dot

Was painting this morning for breakfast. Sooo delicious. I heard th epainting say it needed to be finished, and I couldn’t go into life today without doing the fine details of line , dot, color and outline that seemed , yesterday, somewhat insignificant. And yet, this morning, I really got that the painting has an internal order and rhythm that I have no control over, and thank god, that has much more to offer me than I know. I went out and painted away, chug, chug, and then the last highlight came , and the last dot of white in just the right place, that couldn’t of happened at any time before. When I painted it, I felt inside like a deep sinking in to the interior. It was connectedness, and integrity of action like I hadn’t felt before.
Life is also like this. As I get older, I have a sense of needing to follow full circles, contact old friends, apologize for slights, i thought were insignificant at the time. Savor the richness of life that’s in front of me. This could have too do with getting older, , or just with getting more appreciative, I don’t know. After this morning in the studio, I don’t want to miss one completion of a cycle. They are all to precious. Maybe, I’ll have painting for breakfast again.
Upcoming date to remember, sept. 7, 2-7 at Creative Space Santa Fe. We are inviting everyone to our Open House.

Debbie Purdy


Creative Wings Studio