transformation through painting

The Beat of the Beckoning

One of my new students, Patsy, when painting came up with this description of catching the flow, “the beat of the beckoning”. It seemed an apt and unique description of process and how it calls you, invites you in and has a particular movement or rhythm that is enchanting when experienced. I was wondering, what is it that painters need to hear about this process. I am working on exercise for the mentoring Program about to start in October. So this question, what is the most succinct information that students or teachers of the process need to hear.
Maybe it’s just this simple, that there is something always there beckoning, and it can be contacted through Creativity.
It is something that has compassion, even love for us. It has an expansive presencing that we long for. And yes, creativity is one way to experience it.
Who knew painting could be so joyous and filled with surprises?

Debbie Purdy


Creative Wings Studio