transformation through painting

Holding Back

I have been holding back from writing, even though I am swamped with inclinations to write a book. My friends have been doing it, so I am getting closer. I have committed to writing together with a friend. Put money down on a writing course, and welcomed the idea of a regular blog. Many of you have already stepped in. I had noticed I was feeling blocked but my painting process was going well. I even bought a bike to adventure afield with youthful excitement in the Albuquerque neighborhoods. So , why I am feeling blocked?

I was being called to write, and was holding back. Do you know that feeling, everything is aching to move forward, but your mind is saying tomorrow? I just need to clean, or I just need to call my kids, or watch that really valuable, graphically violent TV show. Don’t want to miss the season finale? What I’m really missing is the opportunity to connect to myself, with myself, to ask what’s there.

Debbie Purdy


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