transformation through painting

Winds of Change

Coming to the end of 2012, I am wondering about all the changes experienced, and if I’ve actually grokked the change.
Anyone else had a big year of change? I hear it from all my friends. For some it was a struglel for others , it was just another pondering, or another project. I noticed that a lot had to do with the attitude brought to the climate of change. many of us have expressed feelings of fear, entering the unknown, with curiosity and grace, or with anxiety and doubt. None of it being wrong, mostly a fluctuation between the two.
for the studio there is an excitement about something new-teaching in Santa fe , at a lovely bright and open studio. We’ll start with classes and then by early summer, schedule a workshop. Santa fe is a vibrant and historical, art town, full of beautiful adobe buildings, great restaurants and of course, the shopping.
Look for more information at, or go look on the webiste under Santa Fe classes.
Savor the new openings, especially the ones that come with a little risk.

Debbie Purdy


Creative Wings Studio