transformation through painting

How to Continue

As painters we wonder if when on our own, we can open as easily as with a group or the teacher. What makes it easier to paint on our own, a willingness to be with ourselves fully.
This morning I was asked, is the question used to bring us to point zero always the same question or is it different every time?Are we the same every moment, every week, every month, every year? Yes and no.We are always changing and there are themes, patterns or habitual thinking that keeps us from our freedom.
To start a painting today, ask yourself what would it be like to be really free, and are we willing to pay that price?
Are we willing to risk what we think is real about ourselves for what is alive and vital about ourselves?
Are we willing to ask and sit with the question that will bring us there?
My experience ion painting is that very often what my mind tells me freedom will do to my life is a lie. What freedom really wants of us is to be our best wholeness, to be utilized to our fullest capacity, to be one.
We would be different if we took that
risk, yes, and we would love it, all of it.
So to paint on our own, we have to ask the question that opens us in the moment to our freedom. What’s your question? Mine is:What would I paint, live, if I didn’t have to control the outcome, if it didn’t take me where I thought I wanted to go?
Just a question for today. Keep painting my friends. Love, Deb

Debbie Purdy


Creative Wings Studio