transformation through painting

Openings and the BIG YES

So recently, there has been a lot of newness in my life. A new grandson came at the beginning of the year. Each new stage seems to bring more than was expected. New doorways, openings, apparent choices, seem to be popping up. In speaking to friends about these new choices, one described them as openings that show up in life. the other called hers following the YES.

We ask for new aliveness, change, the unexpected , more potential, and it often comes in such disturbing ways. We hope to control how creativity works in our lives, but really, we have to small a picture of how things might change for the better.Sometimes it comes as a can’t go there, so where, or a holding still till something else appears. when we ask for it, surprisingly it shows up. We just don’t always recognize the beauty of the newness, the opportunity to Feel the deep YES! We look instead for something to do, to make things right, adjust make it easier for everyone. Perhaps the openings find their own way, leading everyone to more potential. We need to just step into the opening, notice what feels right and let it unfold. This can be quite exciting. So let’s look fo rthe openings, and lean towards are yeses.

Debbie Purdy


Creative Wings Studio