transformation through painting

The Undefended Heart

Recently, my young hairdresser, just entering a new relationship, told me about an article that
spoke about marriage. It was about hard reasons for divorce, and soft reasons. You can guess that the hard reasons had to do with forms of abuse, substance abuse, addictions, and infidelity. The soft reasons were more like, he doesn’t understand me, we are not where we used to be, he’s not a good listener, etc. She was saying, as a young unmarried woman, that the commitment was very important, and at times we leave without looking at our need to change ourselves.
Perhaps, relationship is God’s way of giving us opportunity for open heartedness. Do we really need what we think we need from others or do we need to stretch, to go inside and find our own inner resources.
I love when painting for process, takes me to a place where I can stretch more, see things from an expanded awareness, the wholeness of any situation or conflict. The expanded feeling allows our eyes to be opened anew, to how we can give, what love and friendship mean.
We get disappointed that things aren’t what we think they should be.Isn’t this the purpose of living, to surprise us, ask us togo further, to accept, or at least be aware?
I’ve come across a new book, The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. He gives guidelines of how energy fluctuates according to how we respond, when things don’t go our way. It happens often enough that maybe we can find ways to with the journey of life that open the heart, relax the defenses, and the expectations. Can we relax into what is?

Debbie Purdy


Creative Wings Studio