transformation through painting

Hello My Painting Friends

Hello my painting friends. The website is up, and I’m very excited to be writing. Hoping that you enjoy the new website. You can still see our old studio space and the walls, that you all said you loved so much.
Transitions are so strong sometimes. They shake up what we are holding on to as ourselves. It’s a great opportunity, for me to look at where my roots are to the earth, how strong, how twisted how ready to come free.

Last week was studio closing week, with several helpers coming in the first three days. It was very strange to see the studio go starkly empty, kind of like being on the stage still as the lights go out, after the audience has left. The second week for me has been more like beginning to walk out of the theater. We all have these opportunities to leave the theater from time to time, to see what’s outside of the life we have constructed. I have learned that from painting for process. When I was sad last week, painting wouldn’t let me sleep. I got up from my bed, and went back to my painting space, in my house, and painted till 2 A.M. It was luscious. It is hard to leave the class routine, the safety of knowing I would see you all on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday. It certainly rooted my life in a joyous way.

We’ll see where this new life takes me, and all of you, too.
Please keep painting . If you have questions about the process, I will respond by e-mail. Hope to see you all at the June or August workshops, and will let you know when the move to New Mexico is imminent.

Love, Deb

Debbie Purdy


Creative Wings Studio