transformation through painting

Will and Power

What painting brings with it, is a stronger sense of self.
The longer I paint the more right I feel within myself, the more connected. I may need a moment to check check is it instinct, intuition or impulsivity, but then the direction opens up, like a choice of road,at a crossroads where one just seems to be brighter.
In painting for process, we are trained to come from what feels alive.
In life, it seems more real, more invested, more a dream that is actively lived.
Can we choose or just follow, then? More and more , it seems the choices are done before they are manifest. There is some flow in life, as in creativity that moves us, and we just have to pick up the scent, the flirt as Arnie Mindell says, in his many books about the dream body.

When we are following, power then becomes alignment and flow. It is a lived experience, not an efforted one. Manipulation and assertion is no longer needed if one speaks their truth, one’s understanding without imposition, or expectation.
Painting has brought the process of letting go, and noticing what is already unfolding. It has brought participation in the divine. The will is used merely to turn one’s attention in the right direction. A little dot of color here, maybe not so important, but it sparks a wave of feeling, excitement that carries us on another wave of creativity. We want to stay buoyant, so we go with it, curious and open. Where now is there a question of power? I don’t claim it as an owned thing, just what is moving, and it has it’s own intelligence.

Debbie Purdy


Creative Wings Studio