transformation through painting

Small Intuition

Yesterday, I was graced to spend time painting with a couple of friends. We started by sharing, and there was soo much in what was spoken that I thought it could be shared for all of us.

There was a sense of being lost and confused. We questioned if we still were in touch with our intuition, disconnected or just doubting.

As we spoke, it was clear that intuition was still present, the connection was still real, it was just coming in smaller, more intricate ways. Maybe how we had experienced it, in the past, may not be how it’s coming now.

It felt good to get this feedback.
As a teacher in an intuitive painting process, I was wondering if I had anything to give. If I was lost, how could I teach?

The process demands of us to be more and more focused, more and more attentive, and less and less reliant on the old methods, techniques, or even the familiar ground. Perhaps it’s no longer thinking or feeling that is reliable. Perhaps it’s just the Heart in the moment, which comes as a whisper, a small intuition.

There are a couple of books lately that have come to me, to help me. One is The Presence Process, by Micheal Brown, which gives a sequence of exercises one can do to bring oneself into the present moment. A few of us are going to try it.

Another is Nothing Personal, by Nirmala.
He says,

“This not-knowing and sense of things not being fixed or static, is an indicator that you are in the Heart. Being in the Heart has a quality of being fresh and new in every moment.The invitation is to keep diving into this place that is more honest and true and where you know less and less. “

Let’s dive in together and feel safe in the small intuitions, the Heart’s communications.

Debbie Purdy


Creative Wings Studio