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About Debbie Purdy

At the age of twelve, Debbie Purdy made her first and far reaching choice about her life. She declared that she wanted to be creative and she knew she wanted to paint. Upon announcing this momentous decision, Debbie's Mother bought her oil paints and sent her to Saturday classes at the Rhode Island School of Design. Years later, Debbie returned there, and she received her BFA in painting.

Debbie's second significant choice in her life was that she wanted to make art for herself, and simply for the sake of pure expression. She wanted to move beyond external pressures of profit and product, name and fame and she searched for the spiritual in life and creativity. She found a Spiritual teacher and began a daily meditation practice that has lasted throughout her life.

Debbie received a Master's Degree in art therapy from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. As she took these steps on her inner and creative journey, she also served as a home health aide, partnered in running a health food restaurant, and raised two children with her husband.

Debbie feels she has had many lives within one life, and so her path took another turn. After practicing as an art therapist and psychotherapist for ten years, she spontaneously walked into a workshop that changed everything. Two weeks after reading the book, Life, Paint and Passion by Cassou and Cubley, Debbie found herself asking permission to enter a full workshop on the morning of the first day. Miraculously a spot opened up for her in the workshop, and a space in her life opened up as well. This workshop initiated a journey that would integrate her passion for creativity and her longing for a deep spirituality. Debbie found herself a creative home.

That journey began in 1997, teaching and sharing the process with others.Her teaching was mentored and encouraged by the originator of the process of Point Zero Painting, Michele Cassou. Debbie continues to teach, from her own inspiriation in Albuquerque, and throughout the United States.

She invites everyone to join her on this incredible journey.

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