transformation through painting

Breaking Beyond Bad or Good

When thinking of a fun way to introduce Albuquerque to a bunch of process painters in a workshop, visiting from the Midwest, I came up with the above workshop theme. It seemed that the TV show breaking bad was now part of the New Mexico culture. In restating the title, the thought of how creative process, is both a mixture of dark and light, and a balanced integration of the two, just like in nature. When we allow a process to unfold the whole way, it brings us to a place of satisfied witnessing, detached and yet, energized. Like a big cat at rest, until action is necessary, we are alert to the moment and poised for right action.

Although Walt, the main character , never found this balance in his TV life, when we listen to the voice of intuition, there is a balance that goes beyond the rational, beyond what we know or identify with. It takes a leap, because sometimes what or who we think of as ourselves or our lives may have to be relinquished, even for a few brushstrokes. I think that is why people love creating. it gives us moments of going outside of ourselves, beyond how we think, feel or remember.
So going beyond the opposites is , although not a goal, a cherished experiencing that comes when we allow surprise and the unexpected. You may want to try it, as you allow process to find it’s own way with your life.

Debbie Purdy


Creative Wings Studio